The Wedding Garment of Faith

The most recent letter accusing the Pope of heresy was left open for anyone to append his name; this is a problem. Not only is it out of place for the laity to correct the Pope in matters of doctrine, but the "heretical statement" itself can quite naturally be interpreted in an orthodox manner. This article seeks to show why the laity should not be signing the document.

Be Perfect… or Something

I saw the phrase “calculated mediocrity” the other day. By definition, it seems to be a metric for the smallest amount of effort required for survival. Real-life examples soon sprang to mind. From the student who carefully determines the minimum grade he’ll need to pass the class to the worker who sloppily does the required... Continue Reading →

Fish Fridays

Most Catholics are aware that we "aren’t supposed to" eat meat on Fridays during Lent, and many are aware that this used to extend to every Friday of the year, but "not since Vatican II." What most Catholics are not aware of is ancient origin of this fishy tradition, the reason for practising it, and the reason for limiting it in 1966. It is our hope that by recovering the tradition of Friday abstinence, we may foster the recovery of a Catholic culture.

Cancelled Repentance

Expanding on the rejection by some of Pope Francis' apology to Canada's Indigenous people, we take a look at the connection between this event and the "cancellation" of historical figures.

It’s Not About Apologies

The endless calls for apologies and restitution on the part of the Church for the sins of her members in residential schools, and the dissatisfaction with those that are given suggests that there is more going on here than a quest for reconciliation. In fact, I would venture that it's quite the opposite.

Enough of the F-word

It's time to talk about the F-word. That's right: feminism. There are plenty of things in today's society that bother me: tap-payment cards, media censorship, back-up cameras, and the mismanagement of the province of Quebec are a few of them. But a really huge one is feminism. This philosophy is the root of so many... Continue Reading →

June Buggery

The recent trend of Catholic schools celebrating "Pride month" is but a natural symptom of a progressive rot in the morality of Catholics. When the three goods of marriage are already cast into doubt by common practice, how can we expect to prevent open homosexuality? I think chaste Christian marriage and the Sacred Heart hold the answer.

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